Sunday, July 9, 2017

Everyday Adventures - Day 6 - Try Something New

Try something new.


Like what?

Maybe berry-picking? 

I hadn't been berry-picking in years, and I'd never been to Ash Berry Farm. Heck, I didn't even know where it was.

So an almost-new experience made fresh by a new location. That should count. Particularly when you add the fact that I went by myself.  

Yup.  Until this week I had never considered going berry-picking by myself.  I had always thought of "picking" as a group activity - something to share with your family and friends. That's how it's usually depicted. Do a Google-image search for "u pick farms" and you'll see what I mean.  Lots of apple-cheeked children with berry-stained lips. Families. A few young couples. Farmers. Nary a solitary middle-aged woman in sight.

As a result, going to the strawberry patch on my own felt rather adventurous. 

And if that wasn't adventurous enough, when I arrived, I misread the sign directing visitors to the parking lot. I went left too soon, and after a drive down a curved, rocky, bumpy track I found... chickens! 

Not only was there no parking lot, there was nowhere to turn around.  I had to back down the curved, rocky, bumpy track. Not a problem for most people. I am not one of those people. Just the thought made me cringe, but I did it with relative ease.  All part of the adventure, right?

And worth it.  After a quick chat with the wonderfully friendly Miguel, I hit the strawberry patch.  I picked 6 pounds of berries, not counting the ones I ate. What a wonderful way to spend the morning! Another successful everyday adventure.

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  1. what a great way to spend these summer days ...looking forward to 'armchair' adventuring with you. (I'm too lazy to actually adventure myself)


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