Sunday, July 16, 2017

Everyday Adventures - Day 13 - Road Trip

Hooray! The prompt for "road trip" fell on a day off, so I planned a wee jaunt for myself. 

Tank full.  Radio on. Windows down. Let's roll!

First, I headed to Buckley Bay where I grabbed a cappuccino at Weinberg's Good Food.  I don't normally drink cappuccino, but hey, I was on an adventure so a new beverage was in order.  

After a delightful half hour of sipping and writing - writing in public is also adventurous for me - I stepped into Fanny Bay Oysters Seafood Shop for some candied salmon then continued on my way.  

I drove toward Royston, detouring down unexplored side roads on my way. (Well, obviously they had been explored by someone, just never before by me.) 

I eventually made my way to the Royston Seaside Trail.  I found a picnic table and snacked on salmon then went for a short stroll along the water. 

Bits of rusted metal are strewn about the beach.  I'm guessing they've washed in from the Ghost Ships of Royston over the years. 

Its not as spooky as it sounds.  The ships were deliberately beached to create a breakwater for the logging industry years ago. 

Ghost ships in the distance.

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My road trip was only about 55 kilometres round trip. The perfect size for a mid-week adventure for one.  Me!

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