Thursday, July 13, 2017

Everyday Adventures - Day 10 - Wild

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Wildlife is part of the everyday adventure of West Coast life. Last month a cougar was spotted around the corner from our house.  Last week a bear was roaming the neighbourhood around my workplace.  I regularly see deer.  A raccoon ran in front of me while I was walking this morning.  

Though it's common to see wildlife here, it's not common to get a good photograph. (I was too slow to photograph the raccoon, and, thankfully, I only heard about the cougar and the bear.) So when I started my tiny "wild" quest I was fairly confident I would see something, but I was less sure that I would be able to capture that "something" on film. (Or with pixels, whatever.) I was right on both counts.

I had barely arrived at the marina for my adventure when a bald eagle flew quite low in front of me.  I was too slow to get that shot, but its mate was on a lamp post at the end of the pier. It's in the top left photo above.  Really.  It's there.  You'll have to trust me on that one.

You're also going to have to take my word about the crabs on the rocks just below the surface of the water in the top right picture. And the starfish in the lower left picture.

And you're really going to have to trust that there's a seal in the bottom right picture.  I was actually able to snap several photos of seals (or the same seal several times).  This photo was the best of the lot.  

At first I was frustrated that the wildlife wasn't co-operating. Then I realized how ridiculous I was being.  Once I let go of my expectations of what a "wild" photo should be I had a great time snapping pictures of wildlife I knew you wouldn't see.  I saw it.  It was awesome. Wish you had been there to enjoy the adventure with me.


  1. you make me laugh out loud - and i love it! i am living vicariously through your blog. thank you.


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