Sunday, July 30, 2017

Everyday Adventure - Day 27 - Mountains

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We drove across Canada when we moved to the coast. I had never been west of Sault Ste. Marie, so I was excited about seeing more of our country on our way to our new home. I was particularly looking forward to being amazed by the prairies; I had heard so much about these wide-open spaces. When we finally got there I was underwhelmed.  The area of Ontario where I grew up was at least as flat. 

Amazement didn't set in until we first glimpsed the Rocky Mountains. I was dumbfounded, and kind of terrified. I couldn't believe we were going to drive through those mountains. Would our little car make it? I was so awed that I shot most of a roll of film as we drove toward the mountains. (Yep, it was in the olden days when we used film to take pictures.) 

Now I live in a place where I am surrounded by mountains. It was hard when we first moved here. I missed the horizon. There were days when I wished someone would just move the damned mountains so I could see.  Those days are long behind me. They have been replaced by days, like this one, where I once again look at the mountains with amazement and awe. 

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