Saturday, July 29, 2017

Everyday Adventure - Day26 - Snail Mail

I am lucky to have a few friends that still send me snail mail. It's wonderful to find something other than bills and flyers in the mailbox. On the day of the "snail mail" prompt though, I received no mail at all, so I wandered around trying to find something other than a letter to photograph. I was hoping to find an interesting mailbox - something like the one below.

Photographed while on holiday - Summer 2016

Instead of a colourful personal mailbox, I found this:

elusivelaurie shared on Instagram #EverydayAdventures2017

This is the side of a Canada Post mailbox.  In fact, it's a mailbox that I pass at least 3 times a week, yet I never noticed the new paint job.  I'm sure it was plain, unadorned red the last time I used it.  How did I miss its new look? I quite like it.  I particularly like that it includes the postal code for the North Pole. 

My participation in A Month of Everyday Adventures helped to bring my attention to a change I hadn't noticed. The thought made me smile - until I turned around and discovered that my picture-taking hadn't gone unnoticed. A woman seated at the outdoor cafe across the road was watching me. Busted! Though I can't imagine what she thought of my mailbox photo-shoot, the look on her face made me think she didn't approve.  I moved on before things got too adventurous. In hindsight, I should have smiled and waved. I feel like I missed an opportunity to share the adventure. 

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