Saturday, July 8, 2017

Everyday Adventures - Day 5 - Play

Just playing on the swing and eating ice cream on a sunny day. As middle-aged women do on their lunch break.

Unlike yesterday's photo, today's is completely staged.  Oh, the ice cream is real, as is the park, and that foot you see is mine. (You might recognize the shoe from Thursday.) The picture is wonky and the cone is out of focus because I was really and truly swinging on a swing.  In the middle of a work day.  In public. 

I played.

That never happens.

But it did.  I took a few minutes out of my day and went on a quest for a tiny adventure.  It was awesome.  

In spite of my worries no one laughed at me. No one pointed. No one asked what I was doing. No one accused me of behaving strangely or suspiciously. No one called the police. (Or, if they did, the police didn't arrive before I wandered back to work.) I didn't even dribble ice cream on my pants. 

I had fun.

I could get used to Everyday Adventures. 


  1. oh Laurie! you are fabulous! i am so very grateful that you are sharing these posts. you might even be inspiring me to have an adventure.
    :) sj

    1. I hope you do have an adventure. Let me know how it goes!


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