Sunday, July 31, 2016

Weekly West Coast 2016 - Attention Seekers

There are so many ways that flowers attract our attention, but for some the usual strategies of colour, scent and beauty aren't enough.  As I've been wandering around taking photos a I've found a few flowers that have found new ways to stand out from the floral crowd.

This daisy caught my attention by leaping out from the more reserved daisies at the side of the path.

The muscari above left the sidewalk-side flower bed altogether in order to stand out from the crowd.

I'm not even sure what this plant is, but it certainly commanded my attention.  I was scanning the water for sea-life, but was distracted by the buzzing coming from this plant.  Though you can't see them in the photo, it was covered with very busy bees. There were so many that I heard them from several feet away.
Have a great week all! Sending you warm thoughts wherever you are!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekly West Coast 2016 - Random Awesome Things

Results of a shipwreck washed up on the beach? Treasure? Possibly.  You'll have to find it yourself to know for sure.
Kudos to the creator of this cache!

  Like the real deer that frequent this park, these near-deer are in a different location each time I visit.
It's awesome that someone takes the time to help them in their travels.

I loved how the colour of the sphere-thing was repeated in the poppies in the foreground and in the roof-top in the distance.  Even more than that, I loved that someone took the time to create a still-life in a little-used alley.

Art in a tree! I admire the determination of the artist who hauled that rock up that tree.  Well done!

More art in more trees!  We saw a few owls like this in the trees around Port Renfrew. I wonder what they signify? Thank you owl artist for giving us something to ponder and enjoy.

This still-life arrangement is behind someone's backyard fence.  Not something they'd get to enjoy regularly, so I'm assuming they've created it for passersby like me.  What a lovely idea!

The awesomeness here is readily apparent.  I love how neat the printing is, and I love how it differs from the "wash me" graffiti you usually see etched on a dusty car.

Have a great week all! Sending you warm thoughts wherever you are!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Weekly West Coast 2016 - Small Surprises

Sometimes when the "big picture" is overwhelming, it's helpful to pause and savour the little surprises that come into my life. 

I was surprised to find a series of oversized faux-insects decorating a fence in my neighbourhood

I was even more surprised to find this oversized and very much real beetle hanging from my screen when I opened the curtains one morning.

The surprise of eggs in what I thought was an abandoned nest.
Surprise strawberries in our neglected garden.

A friend knocked on our door and surprised us with cherries from her garden.
(Thanks L!)
Have a great week all! Sending you warm thoughts wherever you are!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekly West Coast 2016 - Wild Renfrew Seaside Cottages

Here are the last of the photos from our west coast of the west coast adventure. All were all taken at Wild Renfrew Seaside Cottages  We were looking for a place to eat, read, sleep and walk, followed by more eating, reading, sleeping and walking. Our wharfside studio cottage provided all that along with lots of cool things to look at, and take pictures of, right outside our door. 

Every time we looked at the water we spotted a seal. It's like they were waiting for someone to take their picture. There were several kingfishers and a family of rambunctious otters as well, but they were much more camera-shy.

The pub was very conveniently located.  The food was exactly what you'd expect from a pub, but be warned, the portions are quite generous.  Perfect after a long hike. 

The wharfside cottages are truly on the side of the wharf.  Having foot and vehicle traffic that close took a bit of getting used to, but once we got over our introverted ways, being able to greet passersby added to the charm of our stay.  

Lovely views...

...even when the clouds and the rain rolled in. 

Hubby enjoying our wharfside patio, complete with propane fire pit. 

The property is nicely landscaped. Upkeep is obviously a HUGE job.

Thanks to Hubby for providing several of these photos and for planning such a great anniversary adventure. 

Have a great week all! Sending you warm thoughts wherever you are!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Weekly West Coast 2016 - Avatar Grove Edition

More photos from our west coast of the west coast adventure.  These ones are courtesy of Hubby. We were barely into Avatar Grove when I realized it was too gloomy for my iPhone's capabilities.  I also realized that I was going to need my hands for balance. And for swatting at oversized, yet strangely non-biting, mosquitoes.  The iPhone went back in my pack and stayed there for the duration of the hike.  I was particularly relieved that it was safely stowed when, on leaving the forest, I noticed a spider dangling from the brim of my hat.  Serious arm-flailing ensued. I think I scared the couple arriving as much as the spider scared me.  

Still, arachnophobic panic aside, the forest was beautiful and awe-inspiring.  I could easily imagine the Na'vi living on the other side of the mist.

Have a great week all! Sending you warm thoughts wherever you are! (And to those of you living in lands experiencing overwhelming summer, I send cool, misty thoughts!)