Sunday, July 31, 2016

Weekly West Coast 2016 - Attention Seekers

There are so many ways that flowers attract our attention, but for some the usual strategies of colour, scent and beauty aren't enough.  As I've been wandering around taking photos a I've found a few flowers that have found new ways to stand out from the floral crowd.

This daisy caught my attention by leaping out from the more reserved daisies at the side of the path.

The muscari above left the sidewalk-side flower bed altogether in order to stand out from the crowd.

I'm not even sure what this plant is, but it certainly commanded my attention.  I was scanning the water for sea-life, but was distracted by the buzzing coming from this plant.  Though you can't see them in the photo, it was covered with very busy bees. There were so many that I heard them from several feet away.
Have a great week all! Sending you warm thoughts wherever you are!

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