Thursday, March 5, 2020


Today I had planned to share a picture of my sister and me. My sister and I?  My sister and myself? I suppose it doesn't matter, since I'm not sharing the picture!

We had lots fun reminiscing, but I'm saving our thoughts and the picture for another day. My head has been too stuffed up from the plague to organize our ramblings into a coherent post.

In the mean time, I offered my sister four pictures to choose from for this week's Throwback Thursday.  She chose this one:

My sister saw the picture and thought I had given Marvin the plague!  Nope.  Marvin is quite well.  In fact, he's probably better than he was in the picture.  I forgot to tell my sister that this was an old photo.  It was taken last year shortly after Marvin had to have an abscess drained.  You can't see it because of the way he is is lounging, but half his face is bald.

She also felt that, since he was sick, I should let Marvin play with the buttons on my sweater.  I guess she thought it would bring him some comfort.  Who knows?  He's a cat.  If I offered him the buttons he'd likely ignore them.  Besides, I don't think good mommies let their kids (or cats) put buttons in their mouths, though I could be wrong.  My sister would know better on this one.  She's managed to successfully raise two children to adulthood.  My only experience is with fur babies. 

If this isn't enough Marvin for you, you can follow him on Instagram.  He's @marvinmeowmeow.  

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