Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Iron Chef?

When I started writing about meal planning back in January, I got the following in an email from a friend:

"I used to menu plan, and occasionally I still do, but it’s like Iron Chef here most days .... hmmm what can I make with kale, a can of retried beans, 3 pickles and a potato....?"

This made me laugh. I still wonder what she made with those items.  

Meals around here have become much like that.  It's not that there's a shortage of food.  We're well stocked, but I'm trying to make sure that nothing goes to waste, so...

... the veggie broth I made on Saturday went into sweet potato soup on Sunday.  I could have frozen the rest of the broth, but the freezer is at capacity, and there wasn't enough sweet potato soup for lunch on Monday, so...

Recipe from Rino's Kitchen cookbook.  I didn't quite get the amounts right, but still a great recipe.

...I used the rest of the broth to make red lentil soup for lunch on Monday.  This will be lunch for a couple of days, but...

This photo brought to you by Bag-O-Lentils.  You now who your friends are with Bag-O-Lentils

...there was a small amount of sweet potato soup left over.  Since it was rather spicy, I added about 1/3 can of coconut milk, which made enough for two "starter" servings for supper last night.  Which was great, but...

...now there is a partial can of coconut milk in the fridge.  I've decided that this will go into chicken curry on Wednesday.  I'll probably try this recipe, but...

I only have 28oz cans of tomatoes, so...

I'll have to figure out what to make with the remaining tomatoes, and...

...so on, and so on, and so on.

As you can see, there's meal planning happening, it's just not happening too far in advance.

(*Note:  I don't get anything for the links above.  They're there for your information.  Hope you find them useful.)

Monday, March 30, 2020

Something About Marvin 10

I just realized that I neglected to post a picture of Marvin last Monday!  I guess this not-working thing is messing with me more than I thought.

My sister chose this picture.  She thinks it looks like Marvin is trying to be a helpful "laundry fairy".  Something like the elves in "The Elves and the Shoemaker" I suppose. In her story, Marvin was struggling to fold those striped socks when I snuck up behind him.  The look on his face is one of displeasure, as now that he's been discovered he can no longer be the secret laundry fairy.  

The reality is that there was no sneaking.  Marvin blatantly hopped in the basket while I was folding laundry.  

Thankfully it was a load of dark clothing.  The black cat hair won't show up as much.  Our last cat was a orange-and-white, long-haired tabby.  We were covered in cat hair all the time.  We joked that our next cat would better match our mostly-black wardrobes.  Oddly, colour was the last thing we considered when we found Marvin.  His ability to blend with the laundry was just a happy accident.

If this isn't enough Marvin for you, you can follow him on Instagram.  He's @marvinmeowmeow.  

Sunday, March 29, 2020


This little snail was right outside my front door.  A good reminder that I don't have to go far to find things to photograph.

It's also a good reminder that I don't have to go far to find things to eat should the grocery stores shut down.

Mmmm.  Escargot.

Hope I still have butter.

Saturday, March 28, 2020


Hubby ran interference with Marvin this morning, so I was able to sleep in.  I actually had enough energy to do things.

Things like make cookies...

...and socca...

...and veggie broth.

Amazing what a good night's sleep can do!

(*Note:  I don't get anything for the links above.  They're there for your information.  Hope you find them useful.)

Friday, March 27, 2020

Feline Friday

In the wee hours, this small, fuzzy monster woke me with a MEOW in the face.  He followed that with some throat-kneading and some arm-drooling.  He finally settled down - taking much of my side of the bed.  His early morning need for attention meant that I didn't get much sleep.  

As a result, I've had a very cat-like day.  I've done nothing but eat and nap on the sofa.  I'm rather liking it.  Maybe Feline Friday should be a thing.

If this isn't enough Marvin for you, you can follow him on Instagram.  He's @marvinmeowmeow.  

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Corona Time

Spotted this while out walking.  A fitting description of what I am experiencing today - and not in that cold-beer-on-a-warm-beach way.  In my world, corona time looks like this:  
  • I knew it was Thursday when I got up.
  • I worked on a Throwback Thursday post.
  • I got distracted and wandered off.
  • I worked on a puzzle.
  • I had lunch.
  • I went for a walk with Hubby.
  • I looked at cookbooks, then decided I didn't really feel like baking.
  • I washed dishes.
  • I went for a "virtual" walk with a friend.  (We talked on our phones while we walked in  our socially-distant neighbourhoods.)
  • I came home.
  • I remembered it was Thursday.
  • I realized I hadn't finished my post.
  • I realized I no longer have the energy to complete that post.
  • I wrote this post instead.
I hope to get back to the original Throwback Thursday post tomorrow.  Just in time for Forgetful Friday.  

Is Forgetful Friday a thing?  It should be.  At least in corona time.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Mission accomplished!  The clock on the phone has been successfully updated to daylight saving time!  Go me!  I think I deserve the rest of the day off.