Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tiny Pleasures 2017 - Week 1

On Friday I woke up early, had a quick coffee, drove Hubby to work, returned home and returned to bed. Nothing out of the ordinary there.  A typical Friday morning at Elusive Onions Headquarters. When I got up a couple of hours later everything was covered in snow.  Gah!

The shock of the sudden change in weather required a second cup of coffee. I hunkered down on the sofa with my mug and my blankie.  It was a perfect opportunity to visit some of my favourite spots on the interwebs.

Eventually I landed at Rowdy Kittens and discovered that Tammy had invited her readers to join her in a month of savouring, and sharing, tiny pleasures. She had even provided a list of prompts as a guide.  Even though I was already a couple days behind, I decided to jump right in.


Day 1: Your morning view. (Top left)

That is the view that prompted the second cup of coffee, so I guess you can say that this view led me to finding, and taking on, the Tiny Pleasures Challenge.

Day 2: A cup of coffee/tea (Middle right)

Later in the day I met a friend at Mud Sharks for a coffee.  I briefly explained to the barista why I wanted a photogenic beverage, and asked for the "prettiest" drink on the menu. He took great care in preparing my spicy mocha. He discarded his first attempt.  It must not have been ready for its close up.    I was so touched that I almost forgot to tip him.  Almost.

Day 3: Freshly made bed (Lower right)

This is one of the reasons why I'm enjoying this challenge.  I don't think I've ever taken the time to enjoy my bed when it's freshly made.  I usually just throw it together and go.  It was nice to pause for a moment and appreciate this tiny pleasure.

Day 4: Sunrise (Top right)

Ummm... that is a picture of the inside of my eyelids.  I didn't get up in time to see the sunrise.  Instead I enjoyed the pleasure of sleeping in on a Saturday.

Day 5: Sunset (Bottom left)

The snow continued through the weekend. I knew that the sun would set, but I also knew that there wouldn't really be a "sunset" - more of a gradual greying into darkness. Still, I set an alarm for 5:15pm so that I could be out the door to record the sun setting at 5:23pm.  I actually enjoyed being out snapping pictures.  It was so peaceful and quiet.  Quite lovely really.  

I'm also sharing these pictures over on Instagram.  I'm known as elusivelaurie in that corner of the interwebs.  

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Weekly West Coast - Adieu to 2016

A couple of photos to wrap up the year.  Happy New Year all! May the force be with us in 2017.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Weekly West Coast 2016 - Magical Mushrooms

If April showers bring May flowers, I suppose it follows that November monsoons bring mushrooms (and other assorted fungi).

Have a great week all.  Wishing you warm thoughts wherever you are.  

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Weekly West Coast 2016 - Wet, Wet West Coast

I knew when I started this project that I'd struggle to post pictures when the rainy season hit.  I just didn't expect the struggle to start so soon! 

October was one of the wettest months on record here. There were 28 days of rain.   Motivation pretty much packed it in after day three of the deluge.  No wonder it was hard to find inspiration. 

Still, there is beauty to be had, even on the wettest days.  I just have to look a bit harder.  And find creative ways to record it when I do find it.  

The photos below were taken on a spectacularly stormy day last week. I parked at the beach and took pictures between swipes of my wiper blades.  It's hard to convey the awe  of that moment with just three pictures. The surf was crashing; the wind was roaring.  My car shook with the force of the gale.  Sea foam rose from the water and danced up and over my car.  As I was leaving, an eagle flew low just beyond my rear window.  A blast of wind stopped its flight, and it hovered at eye level for a moment before it struggled on. It was so close I could see individual feathers. 

Of course, still photos don't really do the weather justice. For that you need video.  Fortunately, I stumbled across this film, 29 Days of Rain, by local indie filmmaker Shane Philip this morning. You know there's been a lot of rain when there are salmon swimming around the playground equipment in the park. 

Have a great week all.  Wishing you warm thoughts wherever you are!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Weekly West Coast 2016 - Autumn Arrives

It is autumn, and that means rain here on the west coast. Taking pictures outside has become challenging.  I knew this would happen eventually, but I thought it would be November before I struggled to find the motivation to go outside.  It's only the second of October, and I am ready to hibernate.  Only a couple of photos this week as a result.  

Have a great week all! Sending you warm thoughts wherever you are!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekly West Coast 2016 - Willow Point Walk

A couple of weekends ago Hubby and I drove up to Willow Point for a walk.The seaside trail led past the results of this year's Transformations by the Shore Chain Saw Carving Contest.  We've lived on the island for so long that I should know when the contest takes place.  That I don't means that every so often we are surprised by new carvings when we walk this path.  Here are some of my favourites. I'm amazed at the amount of detail the artists can achieve in the five days they are permitted for completing their creations. 

Have a great week all! Sending you warm thoughts wherever you are!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weekly West Coast 2016 - Out and About

The harvest abundance continues.  I have such generous friends. This week I received: green grapes, apples, garlic and red onions.  This made for another busy weekend in the kitchen. Apple sauce is cooling and waiting to be transferred to jars for freezing. Apple-pie ice cream is almost ready to scoop. Grape sorbet base is ready to go. Thankfully the onions and the garlic will keep, so I have time to share a few photos.

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago.  Even though I was busy in the kitchen then too, Hubby and I did get out for a walk at the marina.  I just hadn't had a chance to post the pictures until today.

The day was overcast and threatening rain. We noticed what we thought were raindrops hitting the water, though we weren't getting wet.  Then we realized what we were seeing wasn't caused by water from above.  It was caused by jellyfish surfacing from below.  There were thousands of them.
Look closely between the pillars and you'll see a plane from CFB Comox.  
The clouds threatened, but the rain held off while we walked and snapped photos.
Do you see the seals?
They saw us, though they didn't seem bothered by our presence.  

Have a great week all! Sending you warm thoughts wherever you are!