Saturday, March 14, 2020

Confusing Times

Last week's plan held up until Wednesday when we decided that neither of us really wanted to cook.  Instead, I walked down to our local curry restaurant on my lunch break and placed an order to pick up on my way home. The place was deserted both times.  Sigh.  I'm glad I was able to support them, and I got dinner with enough leftovers for lunch the next day.  Bonus.

We delayed Red's fish with fennel until Thursday as a result.  I'm glad we waited for a night when I was cooking.  The recipe did not go well.  It was edible, it just required a whole lot of adjustment to make it work.  I ended up scooping out the fennel and microwaving it separately, as everything else was cooked and the fennel was definitely not.

This week you will see an addition to the meal planning board.  I've added Friday to our meal plan.  And some extra glitter. At least for the time being.  I must admit that I've been experiencing some anxiety about being out, so we decided eat at home instead of going out as we usually do.  We picked up a steak to barbecue, and I used some of the endless broccoli in stuffed potatoes.  And there's still broccoli left.

I also planned lunches for Saturday and Sunday, but you'll see that they are no longer on the board.  We actually walked to three of our favourite local eateries today (Saturday) for a bowl of ramen, a pint of stout and a dish of ice cream.  We'll figure out tomorrow tomorrow.

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