Tuesday, March 3, 2020

So Much Snot

Too much information?

As of this morning I have used 636 tissues.  I feel as if I have destroyed a small forest with my nose.  No wonder it is so red.

Perhaps handkerchiefs would be a better option, if not for my nose, at least for the environment, but where am I going to get 636 handkerchiefs?  And who is going to wash them?  I'm certainly not up to it.  Perhaps if handkerchiefs catch on as a environmentally-friendly alternative to tissues, someone will start a hanky-service.  You know?  Like a diaper-service but for noses rather than bottoms.  

I'm not about to start such a business, but should you decide to run with it, you have my blessing.  I'll take my cut in the form of hankies, say 53 dozen?

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