Saturday, March 21, 2020

Extra-Bonus Marvin

No meal plan today.  Meal planning doesn't seem to be a priority when I know I'll be home to cook for the foreseeable future - I got laid off on Tuesday.  In retrospect, that may have had something to do with my wanting to hit people with a stick.  Still, I'm very happy to be home.

Instead, at my sister's recommendation, I'm posting an extra picture of Marvin.  She's the second person to suggest it.  Earlier in the week a friend messaged to tell me to keep posting cat pictures, as the world needs them now more than ever. 

My sister chose this picture because she thought Marvin:
  1. Looks like a ghost just jumped out in front of him.
  2. Looks like he just got a big hit off a line of catnip
  3. Looks like he needs to be exorcised.
What do you think?  1, 2 or 3?  Let me know in the comments below.

If this isn't enough Marvin for you, you can follow him on Instagram.  He's @marvinmeowmeow.  


  1. love bonus Marvin. And i think it is #3.
    kitty b

    1. Thanks Kitty B! So far #3 is the clear, and only, choice.


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