Thursday, July 23, 2020

Elephantine Eighties Icon

I wasn't sure my sister wanted to use this photo for today's Throwback Thursday.  

Photo courtesy of Dad

"Didn't we already do one of me in a hot pink blouse, in pretty much the same pose?  We talked about RuPaul and Sashay Shantay.  You know, that song from the 80's?  You hadn't heard of it, so you had to search for it for ages before you finally found it.  Don't you remember that?" 

Yes, I remembered using a similar picture of her in April, though I thought her shirt was more orangey-red than hot pink. And I certainly remembered our texted conversation about RuPaul's song.  She's right.  It took me forever to find it online.  Perhaps because she misspelled Sashay Shantay.  Or maybe because the song was released in the 90's.  Or possibly because the song is actually called "Supermodel".  By the time I was done falling down that internet rabbit-hole, I didn't have the time or the energy to figure out how to fit it into our blog post.

Since she didn't seem to want to use this picture,  I texted and offered to send a different picture, then I told her I was going to bed.  Four minutes later my phone pinged.

"No, no, wait one sec."


"This elephant has the same haircut!"  

Photo courtesy of my sister

OMG.  She's absolutely right.  Not only does the elephant have the same hair, its lipstick and bow are totally vintage 80's.  So very Madonna!  The only thing missing is fingerless lace gloves. 

My sister claims she didn't intend for this elephant to be an 80's style icon.  Perhaps she was  taking an unintentional walk down memory lane when she drew it, or maybe she's subconsciously trying to revive 80's fashion.  It would be like her to reboot a fashion trend. She's always been miles ahead of me when it comes to style.

A note to my sister, RuPaul, Madonna and elephants.  Any comparisons are meant in the best possible way.   You should all be forever complimented on your fantabulous style.  

(Note:  I don't get anything for the links above.  They're there for your information.  Hope you find them useful.)


  1. Hooray! You two are my cheer-me-up heroes.

    1. Awww. Glad that something positive results from our walks down memory lane.


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