Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Overlooked Heart

My sister is an extrovert, so she is finding pandemic life rather boring.  In attempt to keep her amused, and in an attempt to preserve the mental health of those around her, I've been encouraging her to doodle.  Every few days she sends me a new creation.  I quite enjoy having her colourful designs pop into my inbox. 

The masterpiece below demonstrates original, creative and beautiful use of Sharpie*.  I was so overwhelmed I missed the one thing you'd think I'd spot.

There's a heart in the middle of doodle!  I didn't even notice.  Neither did my sister until someone else pointed it out to her.  I guess creators of extraordinary feats of artistic talent** can get so caught up in their work that they overlook the obvious too. 

* I may have had some "help" with the wording here.
** Same with the wording here.

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