Thursday, April 23, 2020

Vivid Vintage 80'S

Oh. My. Gawd!  This photo, like, totally reeks of the eighties.  You can practically smell the Rave hairspray and the Ralph Lauren perfume.

Thanks again to Dad for capturing, and sharing,  this rad example of eighties style.  He had a wicked-bodacious model, my sister, to work with.  She shares her, like, totally bitchin' memories in italics below.

I personally don't remember this happening, though I will admit it sounds about right.

Look how good this home perm turned out!  All thanks to time spent as the home gnome!

This is a fabulous showing of 80's bright colors, right down to the matching earrings, as modelled by me, the gorgeous, cute and incredibly helpful youngest daughter. 

"Helpful?" you ask...

Helpful because my sister, who was also dressed up to go out, did the most awful thing to to me.  When we both heard the words, "Hey, come here for a sec!" bellowing from the den, my sister vanished.  She knew our dad had new camera gear and was set up for a round of let's-see-how-this-works. I was not aware of this.  I totally fell for it when she slyly said, "See what he wants real quick. I'm not quite ready teeheehee." and ran out the door. 

This left me to hours of fun-filled posing for pictures when I really wanted to go out with my friends.  I still think I deserve a huge shout-out for being the ever-present model.  We all know how my never-present sister feels about having her picture taken. She's been flipping off photographers for years. Good thing she didn't try that with Dad!

I'll never forget my model days with my dad.  My sister missed out by running away, but who can blame her.  Her hair never looked this good.

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