Friday, May 29, 2020

Walking Around

Went for another long, socially-distant walk with a friend today.  While I won't share any of our conversation, I've included some photos below.

Spotted a couple of decorated rocks.  I'm pretty sure the creators of the "smile" rock caught me taking pictures of it, so they got to smile too.

The Nootka roses were blooming madly, and the bees were madly busy.  The fragrance was amazing.

Thanks S for reminding me of the actual name of these wild roses.

It was so good to connect with my friend even though we couldn't see each other.  And I did discover a benefit of our socially-distant walks - our paces don't have to match.  She was energetic.  I was not.  It didn't matter.  We were able to walk together anyway.   One more reason to smile.


  1. :)
    Yes, it is great to have "phone walks" when there are varying levels of energy.
    And you are welcome re the Nootka roses. I hope you were able to taste the petals!

    1. I keep forgetting they are edible!

    2. There is still time.... Yumm!


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