Thursday, July 6, 2017

Everyday Adventures 2017 - The Beginning

I received Tammy's newsletter outlining A Month of Everyday Adventures last week.  I thought about participating, then I decided I didn't want to. February's Month of Tiny Pleasures was enough for 2017.  I just wasn't in the mood this time around.

Then a friend emailed and asked: 

Have there been any tiny pleasures in your life since February? 

That was all it took to change my mind.  I wanted to have Everyday Adventures after all.

As you can see, I'm a very decisive person.  Once I make up my mind it stays made up.  Until I change it.  

Anxiety set in immediately.  In addition to the angst that goes with sharing on social media, there was the additional panic caused by my late start. It was already July 3rd, for crying out loud.  I had missed the first two days. How was I going to make up for the lost time?

Yes, I was that student.  I did all my homework, and the bonus questions, and unasked-for work if it occurred to me. Starting Everyday Adventures on the third day was almost unbearable.

But I did bear it.  The prompt for Day 3 was "vibrant colours". July is perfect for vibrant colours. They're everywhere.  Below are just some of the vivid examples I found on my lunch-time walk. 

I chose the photo below to share for the daily photo challenge:

elusivelaurie shared on Instagram #EverydayAdventures2017

Old habits are hard to shake.  This became obvious as I strolled around snapping pictures.  I couldn't let go of the two days of prompts I had missed.

Day 1's prompt had been "gather your tools".  At first, I was ok with skipping this one.  I had no idea what "tools" I would need for everyday adventuring. Then, as I walked, I realized all I really need is my feet!

The shoes make this photo a candidate for "vibrant colours" as well.

The prompt for Day 2 had been "unplug".  I get the inherent ridiculousness of trying to photograph an unplugged moment, yet when I found this quiet corner in the park I felt my entire day slide away.  I may not have been unplugged, but I felt it.

I think I'm going to like being an everyday adventurer.  I'm looking forward posting again soon with more tiny quests.


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