Saturday, April 25, 2020

Talking About Writing About Nothing

Yesterday I was struggling with what to write here.  I had lots of ideas, but no words to complement those ideas.  I reached out to my sister to see if she had any suggestions.  

Me:  I need something to write about today. I'm stuck! Ideas?

Sister:  Boredom makes you uncreative.  It makes it hard to write something good every day let alone finding something to write about whether it's good or bad.

Me:  That's what I should write about? Or are you just telling me what my problem is?

Sister:  That's what you should write about. Then take a picture of nothing.

Me:  I think I have a picture of nothing. Let me check. 

Sister:  Looks like nothing. Great job.

Good to know I have the knack for something, or rather, nothing.


  1. i adore the banter between you two. You are so.... sisterly. it is awesome.
    thanks for sharing you two.
    think i'll send my sister a message now.
    kitty b


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