Thursday, April 16, 2020

Family Vacation

The full photo, as supplied by Dad

Here's another photo provided by Dad.  This one is from a 1968 family vacation when we travelled to Ottawa via Algonquin Park.  That's Mom, holding my sister, and me, looking less than enthused.

My sister and I had the same response on first seeing this photo.  Mom looks so young!  And happy! And cool!  Look at those Wayfarers casually clasped in her free hand.  And that gamin-chic oversized cardigan.  Though, since Mom is about 4'11" (and 3/4, if you ask her), she finds lots of clothing to be oversized.

Next, my sister commented on her own cuteness. Then she ridiculed my hair.  I'm actually surprised it took her that long to make fun of my hair. Though personally I thought my hair was kind of sweet.  I did wonder what was up with my jacket though.  

The same photo cropped so you can see the details. Like those Wayfarers. 
Though my sister looks like an adorable, if stunned, cherub, she was the force behind the most-told story of this trip.  She "pitched a fit" (her words) in a restaurant while we were having breakfast.  Mom took her and her "loud-ass mouth" (again her words) outside. Dad stayed with me so I could finish eating.  We were well on our way home before anyone realized Mom had left her purse in the restaurant.  Fortunately, the restaurant was kind enough to mail the purse back to my Mom.  Lucky for my parents. Could you imagine having to extend a several-hundred kilometer road-trip when travelling with kids like us? 


  1. When I showed this picture to my daughter. The first thing she said we "oh my gosh it looks like you. You look like Aunt Judy"

    1. That strong gene pool shines through. I thought the picture you sent of your daughter looked much like you! Hugs!

  2. 1. oh yes, the gene pool! i can see you in your mum. coolio!
    2. i LOVE the expression on your face and the almost-off state of your jacket. This might be my fav pic so far.
    kitty b

    1. Yup. We all look somewhat alike, though few of us will admit it.


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