Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Special Guests

Here she is, by popular demand, Auntie P's African doll!  

Auntie P was kind enough to share some of the doll's history.
I am the last of 7 children and when I was quite young (I think about grade 5) my 3rd oldest sibling went to Africa for a year with her spouse.  His mother had been working in Africa for years assisting women in that country.  (Amazing woman).  
Of  course when my sister went, it was before the days of internet and we had to wait patiently for "air mail" to come in order to check on her well being.  I don't even think my kids know what air mail is.  Anyway, I remember one air mail package arrived and it had fabric  to make my dad a shirt and also my doll.  I was so excited and proudly took her to school for show and tell.   
This doll was made by the group of women my brother in law's mother was working with.  She was made to show the traditional dress of the women and how they carried their children.  You can see the tiny baby in the picture.   
This doll is really a treasure and I appreciate the chance to share her story.
As Auntie P says, she has several siblings, which means I have lots of aunts, and uncles, and cousins.  Which makes it pretty darned amazing that everyone got gifts when her sister and brother-in-law, my Aunt B and Uncle H, returned from Africa.  I can't imagine what they'd be charged in extra-luggage fees if they attempted that today.

What's even more incredible is how many of these gifts are still around.  Auntie P still has her doll.  My parents still have their wooden hippo and rhino.  I have my rhino wall hanging.  I'm sure there are other gifts from my aunt and uncle's adventure in households throughout the country.  I'm not exaggerating.  There are that many of us.

Though I do wonder what happened to my grandfather's shirt.

Photo courtesy of Dad

Photo courtesy of Dad

Thanks Auntie P for sharing.  It was wonderful to see this doll again.  I'm glad she's around to keep Mrs Beasley company.


  1. Hooray!
    Thank you Laurie and Auntie P!
    What a great story and a lovely reminder of "how post used to happen". Thank you thank you!
    p.s. she is a very pretty doll, and her baby is so cute popping its head up from behind!!
    kitty b

    1. You are welcome. It is a lovely doll, and I'm so pleased Auntie P was willing to share

  2. Thanks again for letting me join in on the blog. It has been a fun trio down memory lane


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