Saturday, February 29, 2020


Last week's meals went exactly as planned even though the week didn't.  I thought I was going to have a week of activities and extra work.  Instead, by Monday evening, I was back on the sofa with a new version of the plague. Like the door I shared earlier in the week, I am alarmed. I'm using up all my sick days and COVID-19 isn't even here yet. Not good. Still, in spite of my illness, every meal went as planned.  I'm sure that's because we had planned, and prepped and kept it simple.  

It wasn't perfect though.  By Thursday the tofu and rice for the tofu bowls were a bit stale. I guess that's why the authors of "Simply Bento" suggest doing so much of your prep work in the morning.  That's not going to happen in our household.  We already get up at what I've been told is a "grotesquely early" hour.  There's no chance that I'm going to get up earlier to prep rice, tofu and veggies.  (And no, it's not going to happen the night before either.  Getting up at grotesque o'clock means that we're in bed before most people are finished their dinner.  There's just no time for that kind of meal prep on a work-night.)  Oh well, the tofu bowls were edible, if not fresh, and now I'm sure that "Simply Bento", though beautiful,  isn't the right cookbook for our current cooking needs.

This week, I tried to make sure that prepped food gets consumed closer to the day it was prepped.  I'm still keeping it simple.  I'm on the mend, but I'm certain that I'm not going to have a lot of energy for cooking, and I'm certain Hubby won't either.  This week it's meat and veg, 5-Ingredient Meals and items from the freezer for the win.  Oh, and I also have a back-up plan in mind should things go sideways.  You never know when the plague is going to stop by for dinner.

Ooh!  Look!  I've snazzed-up the dry-erase board.  So sparkly!
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