Thursday, July 9, 2020

Brain Freeze

Brain freeze.  That's the only thing that explains the look on my face.  It may also explain why my mom, my sister and I have trouble remembering details from the day this picture was taken.

Photo courtesy of Dad

Dad's caption for the photo is "Cedar Point 1975".  

My sister, after she pointed out that her shorts were once again shorter than mine, wondered if we were on a class trip.  She thought that might explain our matching school shirts.  I don't remember a school trip to Cedar Point, and I doubt we would have hung out together on a school trip even if Mom was a chaperone.  

So, back to Dad to confirm that it was a family trip to Cedar Point.  We spent a day there as part of a longer trip that also included Geauga Lake and Sea World.  

Mystery solved.  Until I talked to Mom.  She seemed to think that the picture might have been taken in Florida in 1976.  She has a picture of my sister and I at Busch Gardens wearing the same shorts.  She didn't think we'd be able to fit into the same shorts two summers in a row.  Even my sister would have found her shorts too short a year later.

Photo courtesy of Dad

Dad later sent me the Busch Gardens photo Mom was talking about.  Mom was right, the same shorts are in the picture, but my sister was wearing my hand-me-down shorts from the snow-cone picture. That seemed like evidence that the pictures were taken in consecutive years. 

(I would like to point out that this may be the only photo in existence where my shorts are shorter than my sister's.  My sister would like to point out that my fly is open.)

My sister wasn't convinced.  She wanted more proof that the snow-cone picture was taken at Cedar Point.  She also wanted to know how to pronounce "Geauga Lake".

I couldn't help her with the pronunciation, but I was able to enlarge the image of her snow-cone enough to get a better look at the logo. 

It's blurry, but that looks a lot like Cedar Point logo to me.

Cedar Point Amusement Land logo | Retro graphics, Brand book ...

My sister still wasn't convinced.  Our conversations became much like an Abbott and Costello routine, particularly after I decided to skip a week last week.

Sister:  What photo are we doing this week?

Me: We're not doing a photo this week.  I'm writing about the Cedar Point photo for next week.

Sister:  What Cedar Point photo?

Me:  The one with the snow cones.

Sister:  I thought that was Busch Gardens.

Eventually, we decided to talk about our trip to King's Island.  Those were memories we could agree on, but they will have to wait for another day.

We never did figure out why we were wearing matching shirts.  Maybe Mom had us wear our brightest tees so she wouldn't lose us in the park.  A good plan, until you realize the park benches are pretty much the same colour as our shirts.  We're practically camouflaged. Only in the 70's could bright, mustard yellow t-shirts blend into the background. 

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  1. I kind of like the magic mushrooms on your mom's shirt

    1. We both remembered that shirt. Did you notice the strawberries on her sandals?

  2. Replies
    1. I know! We're such a fashionable crew. Makes me wonder what Dad was wearing.


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