Thursday, July 2, 2020

Something's Fishy

In order to give the posts I write with my sister the attention they deserve, I'm going to share them on a bi-weekly basis until I adjust to my new work schedule and responsibilities.  Tune in next week for tales of amusement park adventure - complete with goofy photo. 

In the mean time, I'm throwing back to July 2, 2018.  Hubby and I were visiting family in Ontario and woke one morning to discover that the fish flies had arrived in full force overnight.

My sister thinks fish flies are icky, disgusting, gross and crunchy.  I rather like them. They're harmless, and their appearance means that summer has arrived.  

Of course, we don't get fish flies here on the coast.  I might feel differently if I still had to crunch through drifts of their smelly corpses every year. Instead I can sit outside as the sun sets over the mountains and and enjoy nostalgic memories of Ontario summers without having to pick one fish fly out of my hair.  

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