Friday, July 24, 2020

Story Walk

I spotted a series of signs winding through a park on my way to work the other morning.  From the road they reminded me of vintage billboard sequences, though I didn't think the town would allow Burma-Shave, or their modern equivalent, to advertise in a public space.  

I walked to the park on my lunch break to investigate and was delighted to find a story!  Each board is a page from an alphabet book. 

The pages run along a path from the road to the water, so families can read about adventure and have one at the same time.

Story Walk is a project of our local literacy group, and when I went to their website I discovered that there were Story Walks in other local communities as well.  I might have to go off on my own adventure and see what other stories there are to enjoy.

L is also for Laurie, though you will never find me on a longboard!


  1. OOOOoooo thanks for posting this! I must go check it out.


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