Friday, July 10, 2020

Sharing Summer's Bounty

When I got home from work the other day I discovered that Hubby had harvested some of our potatoes.  It was our second attempt at growing potatoes.  Our first try failed quite miserably.  We were quite excited that this time we got...potatoes!

Our two small containers yielded just over three pounds of Austrian Crescents.  Not a lot, but enough to share, so I took a few over to my friends at Sleeping Cougar Acres.  I was going there anyway, and I knew that they weren't growing their own potatoes.  It felt good to have something to bring them for a change.

After an appropriately distanced visit, L and I toured the garden.  So much has changed since last year!  This is partly due to L's big plans, and partly due to the fact the K has retired, so L has an accomplice to help carry out those plans.  The garden is amazing!   As we strolled through the raised beds, we filled a shopping bag with veggies.  A few green onions, a couple  zucchini, as several summer squash, some kale, some garlic scapes.  Soon I was heading home with a mountain of produce.

A more than fair trade for 3/4 pounds of potatoes!

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