Thursday, June 25, 2020

Blenheim Beauties

This week's Throwback Thursday photo presented a mystery.

Photo courtesy of Dad

Dad titled it "Blenheim Sale". It's obvious from the sign on the shop behind us that we were in Blenheim, but neither my sister nor I have any memory of this trip.  I don't remember ever being in Blenheim.

My sister does.  She remembers going to Blenheim with her guy friends in the winter for hockey games. But, since, "that person beside me looks kind of like you, and I have very short, shorts on, and you have shorts on, it's definitely not winter. I must have gone a third time that I don't remember."

I'm glad she's the one who mentioned her short shorts.  

So, why were we in Blenheim?  Were we there for the carnival? What was the sale that Dad mentioned in the photo title?  Were we there to shop? Did we go on that rather rickety looking Tilt-A-Whirl?

When I look at our hair, I can't tell if we are suffering from post-Tilt-A-Whirl damage or if it's just a windy day.

Mom to the rescue again.  She figures we had gone for a drive out toward Blenheim looking for fruit - perhaps strawberries or cherries - and found the Blenheim Cherry Festival and Sidewalk Sale.  

"OH! No wonder I remember that day so well, it was SO exciting, NOT! Why would we have gone all the way to Blenheim to get strawberries?" 

While Mom's explanation didn't immediately jog my sister's memory, it did prompt this anecdote later in the day:

"Did we sing at this festival - up on a little stage with an old man playing guitar? Wasn't there a radio station there too, and we lost a trivia question but got consolation prizes like a  bumper sticker or something?  I remember playing sidewalk games somewhere too. At that age, I wouldn't have done those things in a town where someone might know me."

I don't remember that happening in Blenheim or anywhere else, though it certainly sounds like something we would do if we knew we would be anonymous.  We have done stranger things - usually at her suggestion.

I do remember the mom-made tops we are wearing.  My sister's without shoulder ties, because she was always more daring in her wardrobe choices.  Did I mention her short shorts?  I also remember the velour rompers Mom made from the same pattern.  They were deliciously soft, but oh-so warm on hot, humid days. 

And though I don't remember this particular day, I do remember summer drives through the county and beyond.  Sometimes there was a destination in mind, but often we were just driving for the experience of the drive.  We never knew where we'd end up, or what adventures we'd have along the way.  Sometimes we'd find perfectly ripened fruit at a road-side stand.  Sometimes we'd find "Ontario's longest running carnival and sidewalk sale".   

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