Thursday, February 27, 2020

Roll Back

My sister and I have had some lively conversations while preparing these throwback posts. I'm having a great deal of fun, and judging by the texts I've been receiving, I think she is too. 

Excerpt from this week's string of texts:

Sister: What's wrong with my eyes? Is that a black and white photo or is the color just off?

Me: I don't know what's wrong with your eyes.  They're your eyes.  You tell me what the heck you might have been doing. And yes, it's a black and white photo.  I took it with my old Polaroid camera.

Sister: I won a bunch of races, hence the ribbons.  I was hot, tired, hungry and wanting to eat and change my soaking-wet, sweaty underwear. Probably why my eyes are rolled back in my head.  Or maybe just dehydration.

Me:  *Snort* Now I have soup coming out my nose.  You are hilarious.

Sister: I know.  I hope the soup wasn't too hot.

Me:  Nope.  I'm good.

Sister:  Yeah, but I'm the best.

And now I'm rolling my eyes too.

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