Thursday, August 12, 2010

She Scores Smoked Salt By The Sea Shore

There are many, many things I considered writing about today, but none of them excited me enough to sit down at my computer.  Instead I puttered around the house then headed off to do my grocery shopping.  

As always, my weekly excursion started at Brambles, and there it was.  Excitement in a zip-top bag for the low price of $5.95 - Maple Smoked Rock Salt. 

I first read about smoked salt over at Bryanna Grogan's blog.  She was using it as the base for homemade vegan bacon salt.  I was intrigued, but not intrigued enough to have a 25 pound bag of the stuff shipped up from Washington.  

Finding this little bag was just the incentive I needed to get me to my desk today.  It's produced by the Vancouver Island Salt Co.,and it smells delightful.  Kind of like a seaside campfire.  The few grains I tasted are smokey, but not overpowering.  I can't decide how to use it first. Oh, the possibilities!

The same company also produces Canadian Sea Salt.  According to their website the salt is "harvested from the cold Pacific waters of Vancouver Island BC"Being from Windsor where salt is mined, I'd never thought of salt as being harvested before. Harvesting sounds much more earth-friendly and sustainable. I like that idea.  In fact, I like it so much that the sea salt is already on my grocery list for next week.  


  1. Ah, the crazy blog coincidences continue! I didn't see this post until today, so I didn't know we bought fancy salt within two days of each other. From a flavor stand-point, yours sounds more interesting. Mine just tastes like...salt. But it's pretty, so I like it.

  2. I know. That's part of the fun of blogging. Coincidences and communication certainly make the world seem much smaller.

    Your salt is much prettier than mine. Yours has those lovely pink flecks, where mine is the colour of smoke.


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