Saturday, August 7, 2010

Garlic Stylists

Last week L harvested the garlic at Sleeping Cougar Acres.  When I found out she would be braiding it this week, I invited myself over to play hairdresser.  

My sister and I liked to play hairdresser when we were kids.  Such sessions often ended in tears.  No such problems when styling garlic.  It didn't matter how much we pulled and tugged there were no complaints.  

L and I had to be rather rough with our clients, as we were working with hardneck garlic.  It isn't, technically, supposed to be braidable, but L never lets such technicalities stop her.  It took both of us to complete each braid.  One person held the bulbs in place and the other braided the leaves and stems.

The most surprising thing about the project was how relaxing it was.  I thoroughly enjoyed my morning, which I expected, but I didn't expect to leave feeling so energized and contented.  Now I'm looking about our yard for a suitable spot for my own stinking rose garden.

Our clients.
Needs cleaning...
...and the roots need touching up.
Brushed, trimmed and ready for styling.
Divide strands into sections and start twisting.
The first attempt.  Lovely.
That's some chic produce.
Note:  Today the clerk at the grocery store caught me staring at her.  I had to comment on how much I liked her uniquely braided hair.  I was quite beautiful, but I didn't have the heart to tell her I was wondering if we could achieve the same look with next years' garlic.


  1. It's good to see you back, Elusive Laurie! I've missed your funny and thoughtful posts. This one made me smile, especially the photo captions. I love that you get to experience some of the sweetness of a farm.

  2. Thanks Rosiecat. It's good to be back. I missed all my blog buddies!


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