Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Follow-ups

Crocheted Creations

More textile tags have been spotted in the area.  My friend and co-worker Connie, mother of the talented Leanne at Yarnbombing, snapped the photo below.

I walk by that spot frequently and I didn't even notice this piece.   That's in spite of my being on the lookout since my first sighting last weekInstead of finding new tags I keep discovering spots that would be suitable for fuzzy embellishment.  There's some wrought iron out there that's looking rather naked!

Even Hubby is better at spotting yarn works than I am.  He forwarded this story about the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef. Everything about the project pleases me: the art itself; the mission; the online community.  It's a lovely example of how the internet can bring people together and of the wonderful, woolly things they can accomplish.

When The Smoke Clears

As promised, here's a smoke-free view from my kitchen window.  

There's actually mountains out there!  You wouldn't have known last week.  The haze in this photo is a result of the current heat wave.  I can live with that.

Clip Art?

I finally soloed a pair of earrings.  I managed to cram everything I learned in my lesson into a single pair.  

I fear they may be a bit tacky, but I'm still too excited about the process to have any objectivity.  I feel like a kid who's going to wear all her new clothes at once whether they match or not.  Oh, and I did wear the earrings; in public even.  The women I work with were nice enough to compliment them.  Thanks to them I'm feeling confident in my ability to make more.  Back to the bead shop!

Salty Story

I received a nice note from Andrew at Vancouver Island Salt Co. today. He was responding to my letter asking him where he gets his rock salt for his Maple Smoked Rock Salt.  I'm pleased to say it's from Quebec, so it's a totally Canadian product.

I've included a bit from Andrew's note below, as he explains his salt choice far better than I ever could.  

"I bring it (the salt) in from Quebec, I find this salt to have a great flavour profile as well as being extremely durable through the long smoking process. I looked at a few salts before deciding to go with this one, my main concerns being quality and that it be from Canada."

Hubby and I have decided that our first experiment using the smoked salt will take place tomorrow night when he grills sockeye salmon steaks.  I'm already looking forward to it.

Happy weekend all!

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