Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Delicious Rewards

A friend treated me to dinner last night as thanks for caring for her cat while she was off expeditioning last week.  Somehow I feel like I should have been taking her out for dinner; her week was far more strenuous than mine.

She bushwhacked through overgrown forest.  I hung out and wrote in her adorable house.  She traversed snowfields.  I played with her darling cat.  She canoed, camped, carried and climbed.  I puttered about and admired her sweet garden. 

While in her garden I picked blueberries. I discovered that of all the berries blueberries are my favourite to pick.  No stooping like strawberry picking.  No thorns like blackberry picking.  Just quiet time in the garden.  

I love how blueberries are a bit bashful.  I'd wander along, filling my bowl, thinking I'd picked every berry I passed.  Then I'd notice a cluster I'd overlooked peeking out from the leaves.  I could practically hear them giggle when I spotted them. This kind of garden could make one believe in magic.  And fairies.

Hubby and I had a berry-filled week.  Blueberries and peaches; blueberries and granola; blueberries and amaranth in salad and blueberries on their own.   You'd think my appetite for blueberries would be satisfied, but I find it hard to get tired of fruit when it's in season.  As a result I was delighted when my friend presented me with more blueberries after our dinner.  Dinner out and blueberries to go.  I've been deliciously rewarded twice for tasks that had their own rewards. 

I wonder what adventures she has planned for apple-picking season...


  1. Oh, blueberries! They're so great. I love them too. Gardens really ARE magical; I love spending time in them.

    And that first photo is very nice, Laurie. I love the green-on-green effect you captured.

    OK, I'll stop gushing now. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and received ample rewards for your labors.

  2. Thanks Rosiecat. I had a hard time deciding between the two apple photos. The green apple photo was my favourite, but the red apple in the other photo just had so much apple-y potential. I decided to include them both.

    In addition to the blueberries I picked and ate last week, I also bought a five pound box to freeze for this winter. I obviously have strong feelings about blueberries too!


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