Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Knit Hit!

I was excited to see knit graffiti for the first time last week.  

This piece was on a tree outside the public library.  I doubt I would have understood what it was, but I work with the mother of one of the authors of Yarn Bombing.  Having that connection lead me to the website and to the book.  

I've secretly thought the library would be a great place to tag, but haven't had the courage to do it myself.  That someone else was thinking the same way makes me smile.

When I first noticed the tag I didn't have my camera, and when I returned later it had already been tampered with.  Fortunately, by Saturday it had been repaired and was still in good shape in spite of Friday's rain.   I was able to get pictures before it's gone for good.  That's part of the beauty of knit graffiti.  Artists can make their mark, and it can be easily and inexpensively removed if necessary.  Not that I'd want to remove it.  It's so pink, and woolly and cheerful.

Viva la fluffy revolution!

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