Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I've Arrived?

Those of you who have commented on my posts know that I review comments before they are published.  It does make things a bit inconvenient, but I do this so I can eliminate comment spam before it reaches my page.  It seemed like a wise precaution when I set up this blog.  I didn't want to be flooded with ads for porn, penis enhancement or cheap pharmaceuticals.

The expected flood never arrived, so I've been considering dropping the comment moderation.  I thought that after a year and a half spam-free blogging it should be safe. Nothing like tempting fate.

This morning I received this rather cryptic comment from an anonymous reader, "IT IS A VERY NICE SUGGESTION, THANK YOU LOTS!"  Not a particularly mysterious comment on its own, but I hadn't made any suggestions in my post about duck eggs. Curious. Rosiecat had offered some insightful advice. I wondered if the reader was responding to her comment.  It seemed like a reasonable explanation, and I was just about to approve the comment when I noticed the blue line.  A link!  It must be SPAM! 

Of course, I had to investigate.  I don't have enough readers to risk offending one by rejecting a legitimate comment.  I clicked on the link and thong-clad bottoms leapt onto my screen.  Yep.  It was a spammed comment alright.  Now I know that people other than friends and family are aware of this blog.  Somewhere in the blogosphere there's an anonymous purveyor of naughty images who knows I exist.  Does this mean I've arrived?  

I chose not to share the comment.  I'm of the opinion that the owners of such cellulite-free fannies couldn't possibly eat, and as such their comment was irrelevant.  It is a food blog after all, but because I don't want anyone to feel cheated by my choice, I've included the picture below for anyone who might be in the mood for a little tail.  I think it suits this blog's theme perfectly.

Thanks once again for the awesome photo Dad.  I knew I could count on you!

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