Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grinning Gadget

I have a weakness for kitchen gadgets.  Some are useful, others are not.  Some I've purchased, others were gifts.  Most make me happy whenever I use them.  This little guy makes me laugh right out loud.

He's a gift from my parents' trip to Seagrove N.C.   Funny-looking pottery is a long-standing tradition there.  The grotesque faces were originally designed to frighten children away from jugs containing items that shouldn't be consumed by children.  Like poison.  Or whiskey.  

This little fellow wasn't designed to alert us to the dangers of poison or moonshine, though he is a useful guy to have around.  Most days he just hangs out in my kitchen making me smile.  He only demonstrates his true talent on baking day.   

My little pottery pal is an egg separator.  You crack the whole egg into the top of his head, then you tip him and the egg white oozes from his mouth.  I laugh every time.  Useful and amusing.  What more can you ask from a kitchen gadget?

(Note: The hand in the photo belongs to Hubby.  Also a useful and amusing guy to have around. Thanks honey!)


  1. Thanks for the grin today! When do we get to see the rest of your other useful and amusing hubby gadget? Or do you live with "Thing"? I find that amusing ;O)

  2. Well Chris, you have a hand here, and his tongue here:

    At this rate you should get the complete picture of Elusive Hubby in a few (dozen) years. You'll just have to keep checking back. Of course, you could always come over for a visit if you can't wait that long. Hope to see you soon!

  3. You have set me up for a rude lewd comment here, and I am just letting it lay. well maybe not!

    Yes, a visit is definitely in order. next week?

  4. Ooops! Funny, but I had thought you had set me up for a lewd comment in your original comment. I was trying to compose mine without resorting to rudeness. I guess there was something subliminal going on! See you soon.


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