Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Didn’t Know There Was Going To Be A Test!

I was at the check-out counter at Brambles yesterday when Angeline asked why I shopped there. Ummmmm. I hadn't realized there was going to be a test. I hadn't studied, so I gave her the first lame answer that popped into my head. I've thought about it a bit more since then. I hope I can redeem myself with the list below.

 Why do I shop at Brambles?
  1. James and Angeline have kindly done all the thinking for me. I don't have to wonder where the food came from, or what went into the raising of the food. They've done the homework for me.
  2. I get good value for my money.
  3. The staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.
  4. They have such sexy produce.
  5. Because of the sausages. No, wait, because of the bacon. No, scratch that. It's really because of the sausages. Or maybe it's because chicken legs are sexy too. Actually, we don't really eat that much meat, but when we do it's nice to be able to buy it reasonable amounts. I like that I can go in and buy 2 slices of bacon or one chicken breast if that's all I need.
  6. The store is always tidy, clean and bright. It's also conveniently located and has parking.
  7. You can get things there you just can't get anywhere else in town.
  8. It's locally owned and operated.
  9. They're involved in the community.
  10. My lack of a schedule means I can't always get to the Farmer's Market. (And sometimes I just don't want to get out of bed on Saturday morning.) Brambles has much better hours.
  11. They keep their customers up-to-date on food and related issues through facebook and Twitter.
  12. Shopping at Brambles gives me the opportunity support smaller BC food producers.
  13. They have lovely, local lemons in December. That's a seriously huge accomplishment for a small Canadian shop.
Did I pass? I hope so. I'd hate to flunk out and have to resort to shopping at the Mega-Mart.

Note:  If you're a Brambles shopper, please feel free to add your reasons for shopping there in the comments.  I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I hereby give you an A+ on your test!

    That list is excellent. The item that may be nearest to my heart is being able to buy small quantities. That is so crucial for cooking when you've only got one or two people at the table. These days I am just not excited about eating leftovers for six days. No thank you!

    Happy weekend, Laurie :-)

  2. Thanks Rosiecat. I'm so with you on the leftover thing. Wasting food drives me nuts. Being able to buy small amounts means I can usually figure out how to use all of an item before it goes off.

  3. great post!!
    I am a CR blogger!!! Come visit my blog!! It's always fun to find local bloggers! YAY!

    Ps. I think their produce is sexy too! hehe

  4. Hi Jessica, Welcome. Great to hear from another local writer. Looking forward to checking out your blog.


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