Monday, March 11, 2013

What's the Point?

Forty-two? No, that's the answer. 

I remember pointing. I have no recollection of what I was pointing at.
Somehow I liked this outfit better in the mirror. Maybe that's the point. Don't trust the mirror.

Car keys in hand. Rushing to work.

Whatever the point, don't panic. It's Visible Monday. Hitch a ride over to Not Dead Yet Style for some out of this world inspiration. 


  1. Don't trust mirrors, or photos - go with your feelings. And trust me -- you look great! Thanks for linking up to Vis Monday.

  2. Patti is right! I always hate photos, and here is the TRUTH: they lie much more frequently than the mirror! I love the belt with this outfit ... makes an outfit out of pants and a sweater.
    Cute. Subtle, and cute.

  3. Thank you Patti. It was one of those days, so your kind words are most perfectly timed and wonderfully appreciated.

  4. Thank you Jan. The belt is ANIMAL PRINT. Someone inspired me with their post about leopard print. ;-)

  5. I wish there was a like button or a love button, because I think you look really classy. The animal print belt confirms! Thanks for posting your outfit!


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