Monday, March 4, 2013

Just Ducky

After two days of the kind of rain that gives West Coast weather its bad name, yesterday was beautifully sunny. Hubby and I took advantage and went for a stroll around the neighbourhood. He snapped a few pictures along the way, then we headed home so I could get ready for work. I didn't realize until we were looking at photos much later that my outfit photos and the duck photos drew from the same colour palette. Some women get their fashion inspiration from the runway. I get mine from the duck pond. Quack!

Once again I am linking up with Patti and the stylish crew over at Not Dead Yet Style. Head over there to check out some inspired and inspiring women. 


  1. Well, the duck can do no wrong! And you look terrific too - thanks for linking up to Vis Monday : >

  2. Pretty dress with your tough little jean jacket ... saucy! Can't see all of the boots, but they sure keep your legs looking long and lean with the matching tights. I love brown and blue!

  3. Thanks Patti. I'm so pleased to be participating.

  4. Thanks Jan. I got that "tough" jacket as a hand-me-down from an aunt a few years ago. Don't know why that makes me giggle.

    I have never in my life thought of my legs as "long and lean". You've made my day.


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