Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunday Bonus Recipe - Maple Cream-Cheese Dip

I shared this picture yesterday:

It's a list of the perishable items I had in the house when I sat down to make my meal plan.  At the time I realized that the beets, the ginger and the cream cheese needed to be used up in the near future.  The beets will be baked tonight and served with apple, leek and cheddar quiche.  The ginger was made into syrup to drink with soda water.  And, after consulting several recipes on the internet, I made that last bit of cream cheese into a dip to serve with apple slices.

The recipe below is a mash-up of several recipes I found on the interwebs.  If you are "repulsed" by yogurt, just leave it out.  The result will be more of a spread than a dip, but it's equally yummy.

Maple Cream-Cheese Dip for Fruit

3 ounces cream cheese (In this case, from a block leftover from the holidays)
1/8 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp maple syrup 
1 tbsp yogurt (Home made - though it doesn't have to be.  I'm just bragging because I made yogurt!)

Mash everything together and serve with apple slices.  Or whatever fruit that needs to be used up in your fridge.

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