Friday, January 31, 2020

Prepped, Pleased and Plagued

In spite of my contracting the plague, our meals went mostly as planned this week.  OK, maybe it wasn't the plague.  It was more likely a mild case of the flu.  (And yes, I did get a flu shot.) While I coughed and whined on the sofa, Hubby prepared the meals I had planned.

I'm grateful that I persevered and completed my meal plan last week in spite of my frustration, and I'm doubly grateful that Hubby was willing to follow that plan and get home-cooked meals on the table. (He cooks quite often, but I was extra-thankful this week when I felt so rotten.)

I'm also pleased that we worked together last weekend to prep food for the upcoming week.  That went a long way toward keeping us fed.  Well, that and my willingness to drop the plan and Hubby's willingness to pick up wonton soup on his way home from work on Thursday.  Sometimes the best plan is to alter the plan.  Sloppy Joes can wait for less diseased days.

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