Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fever Dreams

Last night I dreamed that my husband's boss, several other official-looking men, and the Queen dropped in for a visit.

In the dream, as in real life, my house was less than clean. I was absolutely appalled when my illustrious company arrived to dirty dishes, unwashed laundry, and gritty, sticky floors.  

I must say, though the men rapidly disappeared, the Queen was OK with the mess. All those years of singing "God Save the Queen" in elementary school must have impacted my subconscious, as she was, in fact, quite gracious. She hung around and helped out. Mind you, her way of helping was to work with the kids from my class so I could clean. On waking I realized the strangeness of that scenario. I no longer teach, and even if I did the little blighters wouldn't be at my house. The Queen would be more likely drop by. 

There is often house-work piling up here, as there are often things I have to  do (work) or would rather be doing (yoga, writing, reading, sketchbook). The difference between those times and now is that I usually care about the mess. For the last week I've had the flu, and I haven't had the energy to care. Oddly, that has been relaxing. I just haven't had the energy to stress about it. 

I'm hoping that this dream is an indication that I'm starting to recover. Most of the symptoms are gone, but I'm left with lingering, crushing tiredness. Nothing much is getting done housework-wise. I need a nap after washing a half-dozen dishes, but given that I have the energy to care about housework in my dreams maybe wellness isn't so far off. I hope so. I have drafts for about four posts waiting for my attention. Maybe the Queen will drop by and help with that.  In my dreams!

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