Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Newish Year!

Happy Newish Year!

At what point in January does it become ridiculous, redundant or just too darn late to wish people "Happy New Year"?

Wasn't that a Seinfeld episode?

Oh wonders of the internet. I just checked and here it is:

Why is it I can remember a nine-second clip from a television series that ended more than ten years ago when I can't remember where I put the gift card I got two weeks ago?


Enough pointless questions. 

I'm really here to:

a) Wish you a Happy New Year. (Done)
2) Let you know what I've been up to project-wise.

(See what I did there? The pop-culture reference above? Use the comments to identify it and tell me where I stole the idea from, and I'll post more sketchbook pictures. Or not. Your choice.)

Remember when I posted this picture?

From this...
Well, there has been progress. Now those pages look like this: this in more time than I care to admit.
Yep, I'm about half-way through. It's been scary and fun. Really, really fun. Probably more fun than scary actually. Probably.

Fortunately, my yoga practice is close to becoming a habit, so I am able to find some balance on those scary days. Some.

I'm pleased to say that since I first met with my instructor on November 29 I have only missed my practice once. Go me! (No excuse for the missed one. I had a day off with no plans. In spite of, or perhaps because of, the lack of schedule, my yoga practice just didn't happen.) 

Again, I have to give huge thanks to all those people who have followed my progress on facebook. Their continued support has made all the difference. I recently read that Michael Moore has an online team of thousands supporting him in his walking endeavours. My team is much, much smaller, but they're more effective. Though they probably don't know it, their "likes" carry the weight of thousands. Go them!

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    go girl!
    your words are inspiring! in fact, i think i will sign off the computer, get on the floor for some yoga and then get to my sketchbook!!


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