Saturday, February 2, 2013

Still Dreaming

As I recently mentioned, or more likely whined about, I've had the flu. For a week I rarely wore my glasses, wore shoes, wore a bra, flossed my teeth, preened, cleaned or cooked. Looking at that list now I'm rather disgusted, though at the time I was too sick and tired to care. The only thing that I missed was having home-cooked meals. 

Hubby took up the banner for the first few days. Then I infected him too.  Our usually careful eating habits wilted away like the kale in our fridge. We spent almost a week surviving on processed foods. We had KD for the first time in years, and in our weakened states it took both of us to make it.

Looking back, I wonder how much my less-than-stellar diet contributed to my continuing tiredness. We did our best, but neither of us felt up to the prep or clean-up required to feed ourselves. Once we finished the home-made borscht and split-pea soups in the freezer we were at the mercy of the food industry...and our cravings for comfort foods.

Smoothies and miso soup have both been suggested as easily-made, nourishing options. Sadly, though I enjoy both, and they would certainly have gone down easily, they don't have the substance I was craving. Neither did the home-made carrot-ginger soup that still sits neglected in my freezer. 

I need a better plan for having frozen, home-cooked meals on hand for those times when cooking isn't an option. The problem is that I don't have many recipes that freeze well.  I have even fewer recipes that freeze well and provide the kind of comfort I want when I'm sick. That's where I'm hoping you will help. I would love it if you would share your favourite recipes for healthful comfort foods that freeze well. 

I'm sure with enough prompting my family and friends will help.  Because of this, I feel a bit ungrateful admitting that I have a dream-team of bloggers I'd love to hear from too: 

Meghan at Making Love in the Kitchen
Rose-Anne at Life, Love and Food
Lisa at 100 Days of Real Food
Kristin at Cook Bake Nibble
Samantha at Samantha Menzies (formerly Bikini Birthday)

I've lurked on their blogs so often that I'm willing to bet they have awesome recipes that would fit the bill. Here's hoping they stumble by with some suggestions. Maybe I can get the Queen to make them tea. 

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