Sunday, April 19, 2009

Green Smoothies, Greener Planet

I came home from yesterday's Farmer's Market with a bag full of green goodies and an Earth Machine composter.

I was inspired to buy this inedible item while making my smoothie yesterday morning. As I chucked strawberry hulls into the trash on top of cauliflower leaves from the night before, I realized that I was sending a lot of good stuff to the landfill. When I saw the composters for sale right next to the market yesterday morning I felt like it was meant to be. I already have a half a bucket of scraps to feed to my new friend. Better get it assembled!

If I hadn't signed up for the 3-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse I likely wouldn't have considered composting again. Vegetable scraps tend to get hidden in with the rest of the trash, but when all we're eating is fruits and vegetables it becomes obvious how much waste we're sending to the landfill that doesn't need to be there. Who would have thought that cleansing would be good for me and for the planet?


  1. I did! I did!. When I host my 8 person cooking classes they are wholly plant based (vegan) and there is not one ounce of garbage that goes into the bin. All of it is green waste and that wasn't even intentional. Healthy living is good for the earth. And being environmentally aware is good for our health.

  2. I should have guessed you would know! Let's continue to spread the word!


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