Friday, September 12, 2014

For What It's Worth

Elusive Onions is a labour of love. Or maybe lunacy. Any reward I've received from my work here is of the intangible variety. I've never received cash, or gifts. Heck, when once upon a time I held a contest I provided my own prize. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled on a website that put a dollar value on my blog.

Apparently, Elusive Onions is worth $765.47*. 

(The asterisk leads to a footnote that refers to a disclaimer that, if I'm reading the legalese correctly, says that the information provided should under no circumstances be taken seriously for any purpose.)

I was kind of shocked that anyone would go to the trouble of appraising my wee corner of the interwebs. I was also shocked at how little 6 years of writing is apparently worth. Such well-crafted stories and beautiful photography should be worth much more than that, shouldn't it?

Some other interesting facts gleaned from the URLmetrics website:
  • Elusive Onions is ranked 10,650,967 in the United States. It has no worldwide ranking.
  • There are less than 300 monthly visits
  • Topics: Balls (Cashew-Date Laurie Balls, cashews and dates)
  • Lots of other techie gibberish I don't understand.
These stats are bizarre, and rather funny. I wrote about balls once. That was three years ago, but apparently that's what get's you noticed on the world wide web! 

I actually don't know why I write here. For the most part I write for myself. It's never been for money, though if someone offered me cash with no strings attached, I probably wouldn't say no. 

Writing here is a hobby.  There are stranger hobbies to have. (Yes, all you spoon collectors, I'm talking about you!)

Writing here is my way of challenging myself. Of forcing myself outside of my comfort zone. Of being scared and being OK with it. It's my version of parkour. I can't imagine being any more frightened jumping from roof-top to roof-top than I was when I shared my first post, or the first photo of myself, or my sketchbook drawings.

Writing here is me shouting from our dust speck that I'm here! I'm here! I'M HERE!

Glad you are too!


  1. BALLS! oh Laurie, i love your wit and humour. thanks (again) for sharing your creativity with those of us that visit your www space. you are a constant inspiration and a role model for bravery. Woooo! p.s. mark says thanks for the tip - his next blogs post will be about balls.

    1. Mark has a blog? Do share! I'll add him to my sidebar list so he can bask in my famousness. Did you know I'm one the the top 11 million bloggers in the US? His stats will hit the roof!

      Thanks Sheron!

  2. Well, this is fascinating! I'll go check out my own stats. It amazes me that there are so many people with so much time on their hands that they can fill the web with so much data (useful or not). It's a strange world.

    1. Strange world indeed Val! Thanks for stopping by. I'd be interested to know what the great and wonderful URL-Oz thinks your blog is about!


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