Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Spotted While Walking - September 17, 2014

I spotted someone who spotted me!


  1. Awwwh! We have a patch in our side yard where they sometimes sleep at night. It's acutally a bit of distance away on the side of the house with the fewest windows. I can tell when they're settling in as the dogs go nuts. The deer are so used to them, they just ignore them. We don't allow hunters on the property and they know it ... there's often lots to eat as we allow the grounds to stay ... uh ... natural. And they like the long grass to bed down in. I've only actually seen them a few times, but the flattened grass is a sweet sign they've been there!

  2. Deer are pretty common around here. There's no hunting in the area, so they pretty much roam as they wish. We see signs of them more often than we see them. We know they've been around when there are flowers missing from the garden, or when we hear them not quite clearing the fence in the back yard. One morning Hubby left for work and there was one sleeping on the other side of the front walkway (about 4 feet from our door). Both deer and dear were rather startled.


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