Thursday, July 23, 2015


I arrived home from work Tuesday evening to find treasure. Look!

Friends were harvesting figs from the tree in their yard. While I was at work they called Hubby and told him to come and get some. Yippee! 

Fresh figs are a recent discovery for me.  I'd had them dried before, but never had the chance to try fresh figs until a couple of years ago. Sooooo good.  As their season is short, and as they can be rather pricey out of season, they are a rare treat. Arriving home to find more than a dozen on our counter practically made me giddy. I've had more figs this week than I've had in a year. And there's still a few left. We're lucky and grateful to have such generous friends. So, if our figgy friends are reading this, thanks!


  1. Hi, Laurie - long time!

    I had fresh figs off a friend's tree in France, warm from the sun and so delicious. I saw one on a tree here where I walk near the university, and I planned to grab it when it got a little bigger. Someone else beat me to it! Now I'm eyeing the littler ones that are almost ready.

    1. Hi Val! I has been a long time. It's good to be back, and it's good to see you back too!

      Fresh figs in France. Sounds so...dreamy...sophisticated...What word am I looking for? Je ne sais quoi...

      Thanks for stopping by Val! Good luck with your fig-scrumping.


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