Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Boppity, Boppity, Bop!

Sharing because I love it! Thank you Mr. Breathed!

He's back!
He's back!
Great brains and beauty,
He's a hot patootie!
Boppity, boppity, bop!*

Yesterday my workday ended on a sour note. That sourness followed me all the way home. My inner, middle-aged curmudgeon wasn't so "inner" any more. 

I would have stomped around the house if my feet weren't so sore after being on them all day.

Then I found the above comic strip on Facebook

Oh happy day! And it looks like there are more happy days to come.

Suddenly I'm 21 again, and I'm doing my dance of joy.

Except only in my head. 'Cause, you know, middle-aged. Sore feet. But so glad to see the Bloom County crew again. Thank you Mr. Breathed! You've made my day!

*Paraphrasing from my memory of an old Bloom County comic strip. As such, it's probably nowhere near the original. Apologies to my readers, but mostly to the marvellous, wonderful and entertaining Mr. Berkeley Breathed. 

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