Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Down the Wabbit Hole

Last week, I stopped by to visit the ever-inspiring Val at Muse Fondue. She had posted her photos from an online scavenger hunt hosted by Made With Love. Val had piqued my curiosity with her July photos, so I decided to check out the host's blog.

Whump! Down the wabbit hole I fell. 

I've decided to attempt the scavenger hunt for August. I've been carrying my camera and my carefully-copied scavenger-hunt list with me wherever I go. 


I actually copied the list for the month, then forgot it at home when Hubby and I went on a photo walk on Saturday. At least I remembered my camera. I also remembered the first thing on the list: W is for?

Not much to go on, but better than nothing. I really didn't expect to get many photos. How many "W" things could there be? Surprisingly, quite a few. 

The following photos are brought to you by the letter "W".  
Winding walkway with willow
Western Mountain Ash
Water feature with waterfall
Whistle-Stop Pub
Winding walkway in the woods
Water, wood
Winner? Nope.
Wood and wildflowers
The hunt is already causing me to be more aware of the world around me, and I'm starting to look at things differently. I like that. In fact I'm kind of excited by it. So excited that I couldn't wait to share my pictures with you. It's going to be a challenge to save the rest for the end of the month.


  1. Aha, you're hooked! It's fun to have a purpose when you go out walking with your camera, isn't it? I need to look at that list again, but you have made an impressive start. I especially love Windsock - the word, the color, the composition.

    1. Thanks Val! I'm so glad I saw your post. Thanks for the inspiration!


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