Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Room With A View

An enormous fly buzzed around while I sat in bed finishing my coffee this morning. When I finally got annoyed enough, I got up, opened the curtains and the window, and tried shoo it outside. (You know that even when fuelled by coffee there's no chance of my catching or swatting a fly.)

This was the view that greeted me:

Beautiful. The fly did not appreciate the view. It took off in the other direction. Maybe it was just too cold for the fly, though you'd figure such a tubby creature would have enough fat stored to get it through the winter. Flies are like bears that way, right?

I'm glad I didn't miss this, so I'm grateful to the fly for that. I'm less enthused about its mysterious appearance and disappearance. It's kind of creepy to image that hummingbird-sized fly might be hiding somewhere in the house. 


  1. Now that is a view I would love to wake up to. Just beautiful :-)

    1. I know! I'm going to have to attempt to get up and enjoy it more often. Thanks for stopping by Rachel.


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